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Terms of delivery

We offer high-quality flower service: Flowers are fresh and of high quality when delivered and the delivery is on time. The customer will be charged the sum of his choice. Flowers will be delivered by the amount that remains from the total price when the appropriate delivery fee has been subtracted.


A flower delivery to Finland for the same day should be ordered before 11.00 Finnish time. During peak seasons and when destination is outside of Finland the order should be made the day before.

When the order has been received with sufficient and correct information the orderer will be notified with a confirmation (preferably through email).

ON SUNDAYS there are NO DELIVERIES (should be inquired in advance, if You like to do deliver in Sunday, delivery fee is much higher than usual). Otherwise the flowers will be delivered either the previous or following workday.


The example pictures introduced on our site are suggestive and not nation- nor world-wide standards. For every example bouquet there are three prices (minimum, medium and premium). The orderer may choose another price too (above mimimum price). Flowers will always be used depending on the price.
A flower bouquet is always unique due to seasonal variation in the flower supply as well as the supply of our local cooperation florist (also within Finland). Deliveries abroad may change significantly due to local flower supply, styles and cultural customs.

In case the orderer wants a specific flower to be used, it should be clearly mentioned in the order. It is also recommended to name an alternative flower, in case the first one is not available. If a specific flower or color is not available, it will be replaced with the second best alternative.
Whenever the delivery is to be sent to the Capital Region of Helsinki, it will be made and delivered by Syväsen Kukka. Otherwise it will be made and delivered by a local cooperation florist.

Prices and fees

The orderer decides the total price of the order. This amount should cover the flowers and the delivery fee, which is 10  € (if there is hopes about time - delivery time is + 6 hours- or its bigger delivery, delivery fee could be higher) to Helsinki and 15 € to other citys in Finland - country side and other countries have to allways check. Deliverys at Saturdays is 15 € in Helsinki and other citys, there cant be promised any time deliverys and orders have to make day before. The delivery fee includes handling costs and one delivery to address. We usually take contact before delivery and ask how we can deliver, if nobodys home and we cant do the delivery next delivery cots second delivery fee. If the delivery to address should cost significantly more, the orderer will be notified so that he can a) change the product b) change the total price c) cancel the order.

The prices for example bouquets on this site are given in Euros. You may find our currency converter useful in defining prices.

The invoicing currency is Euro. For all examples there is a given minimum price for which the product can be obtained. These prices are valid for deliveries to Finland only. For deliveries outside of Finland, see the minimum prices of your destination.

The methods of payment are: VISA, Eurocard-Mastercard, American Express, OK-Card, Finnish bank cards and money transfer to our bank account. The order must include the card's type, number and the expiration date as well as the cardholder's signature. The card must be personal.

Because of the information security, it is highly recommended to transfer the order either by email or by visiting our shop. All orders that arrive through email will be received and processed, but the method is discouraged and Syväsen Kukka will not be responsible for any possible loss of data during the email transmission.

All customer information is considered confidential and will remain between the orderer and Syväsen Kukka. No information is used for marketing purposes.

Possible complaints

In case there should be a clearly evident defect in the flowers, a complaint must be made immediately after the delivery or the next labor day, at the latest. The defect must be indicated by presenting the flowers. In such case, the defect will be compensated by replacing the flowers with new ones. The compensation will be made by the florist who delivered the original ones.

The orderer is responsible whenever the mistake is a consequence of insufficient / incorrect information in the order.

Service provider:

Flower shop Syväsen Kukka
LY-number: 1501466-7, VAT registered
Company register number: 750.021
Helsinki, Finland

In case you have any question concerning flower delivery or any of our other services, do not hesitate to contact us.
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