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Flower delivery FAQ

Can I order a flower delivery right now?

Yes you can. We deliver flowers all arounf Finland and abroad. On these pages we give examples of various types of flower deliveries with their prices and the terms of delivery. You can make your order easily by telefax - you just need to fill a form and fax it to us.

What does a flower delivery cost?

The price of a flower delivery, which you can define, costs of the flowers and the delivery fee. In other words, you decide the total sum you are willing to pay. From this price we will subtract the delivery fee, which is 9 € to Helsinki and 15 € to elsewhere in Finland or abroad from Finland. The rest of the sum remains all for flowers.

How can I define the price I should leave for flowers?

On these pages we have given the prices range for various flower delivery examples to help you define the price. Note that the minimun price of the price range is the lowest price with which the flowers can be purchased. With bigger price you get more flowers or a bigger pot plant etc.

You can use our currency converter when defining the price.

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By using this service, you agree to be bound by the terms of use agreement.

Can I somehow influence on the appearance of the bouquet?

You can, naturally, give your preferences for flowers, colors, styles etc. when you make your order. In other words, you don't need to content yourself with standard bouquets. You can also influence on the amount of flowers with the sum that you leave for them.

If I choose one of the examples, is it always exactly similar?

Each bouquet is always individual due to seasonal variations in the flower supplies and the artistic view of the florist. In case some specific flower or color is not available, it will be replaced with the second best choice. In case you want a specific flower or color to be used, it is recommended to name an alternative as well. The examples on our pages are suggestive, but we will do our best to make the bouquets just as the examples show them. Note that the vases in the example pictures are not included in the price unless it is a case of a pot plant, basket or similar. Even then the style of the vase or basket may vary somewhat.

Can I send a greeting text with the flowers?

Naturally you can send your greeting text, which you can give in the order. The price includes a card, on which your greeting will be written.

How about the methods of payment?

You can pay with: VISA, Eurocard-Matercard, OK-card and Finnish bank cards. In the order you need to give the card's number and the date of expiration. The card must be personal and the order must be signed.

All customer information is considered confidential and will remain between the orderer and Syväsen Kukka.

How can I make my order?

You can easily order by filling a fax form, printing and sending it to: +358 9 72 63 200. There isn't always English speaking staff available at the shop, so it may not always be possible to order by telephone.

How much in advance should I make the order?

If the delivery is for the same day, the order should arrive to us (with all necessary information) before 11.00 am Finnish time. The deliveries to abroad should be ordered on the previous day.

How do I know that the order has been received?

When we have received your order and cheched that everything is clear with it, we will send you a confirmation message by telefax, email or phone.

In case you have questions on flower delivery or our other services, we'd be glad to porvide you with further information.
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