Information for ordering


Flowers can be delivered to recipient's address or collected (no delivery fee) from our flower shop.

Select the day (Mon-Sat) and the date of delivery.
There are no deliveries on Sundays or public holidays. In such case the flowers will be delivered on the following labor day.

Select the best time of delivery before midday or after midday.
If you have special advice for delivery, mention those in the section "Wishes (for flowers, colors, styles etc.)".


In addition to the address of delivery, it is adviced to give also the recipient's telephone (and possible door code), if those are known by the orderer.
This helps us make sure the flowers will reach the recipient on time. If there is no phone number and there is not anyone home and we cant deliver, is orderer have to pay second delivery to flowers.

If the flowers are to be delivered abroad, the total price should cover the minimum price of the specific product type for the destination. - please, always take contack in shop and check the price, these can change.


In addition to address, we need either the email, in order to send a confirmation of the order.
If there should be anything unclear in the order, this information is used to contact the orderer.
The contact information is strictly confidential and will not be used for marketing purposes.


You can refer to any example bouquet / product given on our net site by its name and number (for example: CONGRATULATION 3).
You are free to express your wish for flowers and colors also when you refer to an example bouquet.
You can choose some other alternative too by selecting OTHER TYPE (from the drop down box in the order form) and describing it.

Wishes / advice

You can express your wishes for flowers, colors, styles etc. to be used.
Also other advice or clarifications are welcome.


You can give the text that you want to be sent on a card / mourning ribbon (ribbon is 20 €) with the flowers. Card is blanco card, if you like to put there any card with picture, it will cost 2 €.

Total price

You can choose the total price of the order, which should cover the flowers and the delivery fee.

There are three prices (minimum, medium, premium) given to examples on our net site.

You can freely choose other price too (at least the minimum).
In such case, the total price decides the amount of flowers used.

The example prices cover only flowers. The delivery fee to Helsinki is 10 € and 15 € to other citys in Finland.
The delivery fee includes the delivery and service charge.

The prices are given in Euros ( € ).
The billing currency is Euro.
The example prices on our net site are for Finland.
When the destination is abroad, note the local minimum prices:

Methods of payment

You can pay by:
  • VISA
  • Eurocard
  • Mastercard
  • OK-card
  • Finnish bank cards
  • Money transfer to our bank account
  • Cash in our shop
The credit / bank card has to be the orderer's personal.
The order has to contain the card's number (16 digits) and the last time of validity (month and year) and security number (three numbers).

The credit / bank card number is handled strictly confidentially.
The card's information will remain within Syväsen Kukka and the credit card company.

You can pay easily and securely with a money transfer to our bank account. Please, when you pay in bank account, send us receipt for the payment!

When paying directly to our account, use following details:
Recipient: Syväsen Kukka
Account: Nordea FI8114193000716172
Message: Write your name here
Amount: The total price you have chosen to pay in Euros ( € )
Time of payment: Directly (flowers will be delivered when the money has arrived our account or receipt is been send)

NOTE! When transferring money from abroad, it is adviced to make sure that your local bank transfers the amount unshortened. Money transferring can take couple days, so if you like to make sure that deliver is that day what you want, please, send us receipt.

In case you have any questions, we would be glad to provide you with further details.